Tendo Systems Home Wifi

Reliable WiFi coverage for all areas of your home; no matter how many rooms, or how thick your walls. Whether for domestic or home-business purposes, we supply and install business-grade WiFi technology without costing the earth. With over 20 years of experience in IT and Networking, we have the know-how to keep your entire home connected.

Residential wireless solutions

Tendo Systems provide WiFi advice and improvements for domestic and home office users throughout the North Down, Belfast and beyond. From tips and advice to WiFi surveys and installations, we have the expertise to provide the wireless solution your home needs.

Tendo Systems Access Point

Is your Home WiFi struggling?

  • Is your ‘free’ broadband router not up to the job?
  • No signal in some rooms?
  • Are there screams from your Xbox-using family members?

Whether you work from home or not, a reliable WiFi connection is a must-have. If only to keep the peace.

Replacement Router

The WiFi Router supplied by your Broadband provider can often be very poor quality. We can supply and install a replacement Router. In our experience, this can solve many home WiFi issues for a very reasonable price.

No more WiFi dead-spots

Our WiFi solutions will enable you to expand your internet connectivity, giving reliable and fast access throughout your entire property - even if your walls seem too thick, we have a solution.

We do not recommend Extenders/Boosters - they simply repeat the original signal over a further distance, usually losing a lot of speed along the way. However, there are some good Powerline options - these use your home's electrical wiring network to transfer your broadband connection to the dead-zones.

By far, the best option is Access Points - these are our speciality - get in touch for more information.

WiFi Access Points that blend in

Our WiFi Access Points can be installed almost anywhere - even if there is no electrical socket. They vary in design but the most common AP looks like a home smoke alarm. They are stylish and modern and can be wall or ceiling mounted, if required. No more ugly cables or aerials.

Connect the Garage or Outhouse

Our state-of-the-art technology is adaptable and extendable. We can create a 'Bridge' connection from your main property to an outside building - even if it is over 1km away. Ideal if you've converted an out-building or garage for Business use, or if you need outdoor WiFi. We will consult with you to ensure we deliver an architecture which suits your requirements.