Tendo Systems Wifi Services

Wireless Internet connections are now an expectation of normal day-to-day life. With a scalable solution, Tendo Systems are here to provide business-grade Wi-Fi so you can stay connected at home or at work.

Wireless solutions

Reliable WiFi coverage for all areas of your business or residence;

  • Offices

  • Industrial units

  • Warehouses

  • Conference areas

  • Houses

  • Gardens and Out-buildings

  • Anywhere else you might need to be connected.

We install enterprise standard wireless networks, scalable for growth.  As your business grows, so can your WiFi.

Tendo Systems WiFi Services

Is your Business WiFi struggling?

These days we all expect and require WiFi to be available and are frustrated when it’s not. Our clients demand a superior business experience and Tendo Systems do not disappoint. When your staff are connected, the efficiency of your business increases.

Is your Home WiFi struggling?

  • Is your ‘free’ broadband router not up to the job?
  • No signal in some rooms?
  • Are there screams from your Xbox-using family members?

Whether you work from home or not, a reliable WiFi connection is a must-have. If only to keep the peace.

No more WiFi dead-spots

Our Business WiFi Access Points will enable you to expand your internet connectivity, with access throughout your entire business premises or home.

Whether your business is in the leisure, retail or service industry - stable and secure WiFi access in every corner of your site enhances staff efficiency. With the increasing trend of hot-desking and multi-site working, visitors and employees need convenient access. Plus, with the increase of BYOD (bring your own device), offices without reliable internet access can hinder staff output.

Indoor & Outdoor Access Points

At Tendo Systems we offer both indoor and outdoor WiFi solutions. We will consult with you to ensure we deliver an architecture which suits your business or home requirements. We’re also able to develop hotspot areas which will ensure you receive comprehensive coverage in all types of spaces.

Enterprise Grade WiFi Solutions

Our competitively priced product range includes all the features of more costly alternatives. These high performance Business WiFi devices are completely scalable and adaptable and provide a seamless WiFi experience. Our system increases capacity and throughput in high-density areas.

Unlike some of the ‘big name’ providers, the manufacturer’s software and upgrades are provided free of charge.  You therefore have no need to worry about ongoing licence fees.

Future Proof

If you are in the Bangor area, we offer a FREE business WiFi site survey with no obligation. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements. Our review will investigate the infrastructure and possible access point locations. We’ll look at your current needs and recommend a future-proof option which will evolve with your wireless technology.

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