IoT Data Loggers

Our self-install Wi-Fi-enabled range of temperature and humidity data loggers can remotely monitor an environment. This IoT solution has an intuitive interface making it ideal for self-installation. Data is uploaded periodically using a standard Wi-Fi network to the EasyLog Cloud or a single host PC. Browse the loggers in our Shop.

Ideal for many industries including; Food Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing, Pharmacy and Medical.

  • View data from anywhere 24/7

  • Connects to your WiFi

  • Temperature / Humidity recorded

  • Instant Email alarms

  • Free android and Apple App

  • No subscription fee for your first logger

  • Ideal for any industry

  • Audit-ready reports generated.

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EasyLog Cloud gives access to each data logger, and data collected from any internet-enabled device. Change data logger settings remotely, receive email alerts of alarm conditions, link sensors from multiple sites into one account and assign multiple user privileges.

Each Wifi Temperature Data Logger will store data internally if it loses WiFi connection and automatically uploads it to the Cloud once reconnected.


Our EasyLog self-install data loggers are designed to be compliant with stringent industry standards including;

FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Calibration Certificate

Annual Subscription fees

For your first EasyLog data logger there is no charge for the Cloud service (with 45 days of data storage). If you require more than 1 data logger, a subscription will be required.

The Professional EasyLog Cloud service includes:

    • Unlimited data storage

    • One to unlimited data loggers

    • Multiple user accounts

    • Advanced notifications

Cost per year

Up to 5 data loggers: £70

Up to 10 data loggers: £130

Up to 20 data loggers: £245

Up to 50 data loggers: £610

Up to 100 data loggers: £1150

All prices exclude VAT. This is a selected list of examples. Prices for other quantities of data loggers is available on request.

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