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D3 Base unit

There has been a lot of news recently about how Food Manufacturing businesses should migrate to digital recording systems. Such systems can remove or reduce the need for manual recording and will ultimately make compliance easier.

Smart sensors, connectivity, cloud-computing and monitoring can ease the burden of audits and compliance. Our monitoring systems can alleviate stress by producing audit-ready reports and digitised records.

Data produced by our Environmental Monitoring Software brings many advantages, including;

  • Stock Loss is Reduced – Email and audible alarms provide prompt notice of refrigeration failure
  • Compliance - Detailed records aid with HACCP, BRC and SALSA standards
  • Live Data – Temperatures can be viewed Live from any internet connected device
  • Close the Cold-Chain Loop - Monitoring the environmental conditions of food while in transit
Monitoring food

Not Just Temperature

We can supply a vast array of sensor types that can monitor just about any environmental factor including Humidity and C02.  This makes our systems easily scalable, highly adaptable and designed to grow with your changing needs.

For all sizes and budgets

We offer environmental monitoring systems to meet the needs of every customer. From storage and production warehouses to abattoirs, local convenience stores, large supermarkets and more.

With the ability to tailor a monitoring solution to suit each requirement, you know you’re getting the right system, at the right price.

No customer is too big or too small. Get in touch for more info.

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