Tendo Systems Calibrations

We provide all the Environmental Monitoring services you need. Installation, maintenance and annual calibration. Whether you need a complete new system, just an additional sensor, or an annual calibration - we have it covered.


What is Calibration?

Calibration provides confidence that the temperature displayed on devices is reflective of actual temperatures in the areas being monitored. It is an essential process for environments storing temperature sensitive goods. Calibration has always been common place in medical facilities and pharmaceutical storage but has become a requirement in a variety of applications across food production, storage and retail industries.

How often do we need to Calibrate?

Manufacturers of sensors will have a recommended re-calibration period. For the temperature and humidity probes we supply, we recommend annual re-calibration.

However, depending on your industry, more frequent calibration may be necessary. It is advised to consult your QA Auditor or Technical Management department.

  • If the probe is damaged, dropped or is generally mishandled then a calibration to check performance should be completed.
  • Periodic checking of the probe against a known source to sense check performance should also be completed.
  • If you have any concerns over performance of the probe then calibration should be carried out.

What is an acceptable deviation?

The acceptable deviation of a temperature or humidity probe will depend on your specific application requirement. Legislation varies between industries/sectors. You should contact your regulatory body. Often your customers can have their own calibration regulations.

We are commonly asked by customers for temperature probes that are accurate to within ±0.5°C.  This implies that if you have an area that is at 5°C then your happy with a temperature probe reading of between 4.5°C and 5.5°C.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.