Wireless Temperature Monitoring

IceSpy has been a favourite in wireless monitoring for over 20 years. The latest 'Hanwell IceSpy' generation can measure temperature, humidity and many other factors.

Ideal for refrigeration in all industries. 

  • Temperatures recorded every 60 seconds

  • Instant Email alarms – when something is too warm or cold

  • Wireless sensors have a transmission range of 300 metres

  • Audit-ready reports – for HACCP, BRC, MHRA etc.

  • Cloud-based option available – if you would like remote access

Hanwell IceSpy transmitter/sensor
IceSpy Cloud Schematic
Hanwell IceSpy EMS range
Hanwell IceSpy EMS Software Screenshot

Hanwell EMS Software - Have a look

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Suited to various Applications and Industries

IceSpy Lite For Retail

IceSpy Lite is the perfect cloud-based option for retail food outlets, retail pharmacy stores and medical clinics. Check it out here.

We are also the NI distributor for other products including Tek-Troniks.

We supply IceSpy in partnership with Foreman Controls.