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Hanwell IceSpy is the complete wireless Environmental Monitoring System (EMS). A scalable technology, perfect for small and multi-site organisations. Whether you need 1 sensor or 100, we can supply and install a monitoring solution to meet your specific requirements.

Capable of measuring Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and many other factors. Featuring highly competitive accuracy and radio strength that will exceed requirements. This reliable and affordable technology has been a favourite across Northern Ireland for over 20 years.

Ideal for Refrigeration, Warehousing, Transportation, Labs... in all industries. Tendo Systems are proud to be able to supply and install the best in British-made Temperature Monitoring for your business.

IceSpy At a Glance...

Sensors with long-range radio frequency transmitters are placed throughout your facility. Every 60 seconds a measurement is transmitted to the base unit receiver. The base unit uploads the reading to the EMS software where it is analysed. If a measurement is outside your pre-set parameters, for a predetermined length of time, email / SMS alerts are automatically sent.

  • Temperature / Humidity recorded every 60 seconds

  • Instant Email / SMS alarms

  • Wireless sensors with a range of over 300 metres

  • Audit-ready reports – for HACCP, BRC, MHRA etc.

Hanwell IceSpy EMS range

Cloud option available

The Hanwell EMS software can be installed on a computer or server on your site. However, if want to view live data from anywhere, our Cloud service would be ideal. This reduces the load on your local IT resources and gives you the ability to keep track on live temperature data no matter where you are working.

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Hanwell IceSpy Temperature Monitoring


Our D3 wireless temperature monitoring system is designed to be compliant with stringent industry standards. The web based user interface enables 24/7 permission based user access. User management is controlled by one or more system administrator. Each user is automatically allocated a unique electronic signature which, along with their details, are recorded against every action they make providing total accountability.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11
UKAS ISO 17025
Calibration available from factory


Installation Pre-requisites (short version) - view here        
Cloud Service information - view here

Legacy IceSpy Systems

IceSpy has been serving businesses in Northern Ireland for over 25 years. If you have a System 4, System 5 or Notion Pro system, we can assist you with maintenance and calibration. We can also help you upgrade to the latest Hanwell IceSpy system.

Wireless Monitoring FAQ

How are the wireless temperature sensors powered?

Our wireless temperature sensors / transmitters are powered by an AA size Lithium battery. The batteries will last up to 5 years and they are easily replaced.

As a transmitter’s battery level reduces, you will see visual indication on your computer / smartphone screen.  When the level drops to a critical level, you will receive an email alert.

If you require annual calibration / maintenance services, we will check the level of charge in your batteries and replace them as part of the service.

How much does a wireless temperature monitoring system cost?

There are many variables. The answer depends on the quantity and type of sensors you need. It also depends on the size of your facility and if Repeaters (signal boosters) are required.

We can talk you through this via phone or email. Or, you can complete this Estimate Request form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What is the maximum range of a temperature sensor/transmitter?

Our wireless sensors can transmit up to 1km outdoors, with no obstacles. When inside buildings, the range can be around 300 metres. Ultimately, the range of a temperature sensor depends on walls and other obstacles in the building.

We can install Repeater units to increase the signal range. These Repeaters can be daisy-chained and so the transmission range of a wireless sensor can be increased as required.

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We supply IceSpy in partnership with Foreman Controls.
We are also the NI distributor for other products including Tek-Troniks.