Tendo Systems IceSpy Retail

Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Retail

The IceSpy Lite system is the ideal Temperature Monitoring solution for retail food outlets, retail pharmacy stores and medical clinics.

  • Automated data collection – no more manual temperature records.

  • 24/7 email alarm notification – when something is out of spec.

  • Real-time data – rectify potential quality issues before they occur.

  • It’s in the Cloud – no software installation required.

  • Audit ready reports – easily generated.

IceSpy Cloud Schematic
IceSpy Lite 3 Sensors and Base Unit

Details on IceSpy for Food Manufacturing, Laboratories, Pharma etc. can be found here.

We are also the NI distributor for other products including Tek-Troniks.

We supply IceSpy in partnership with Foreman Controls.