Cost of Manual records

BRC Global Standards clearly state that storage areas must be capable of maintaining certain temperature ranges. Temperature must be recorded every 4 hours and temperature alarms must be in place. More details from the BRC are at the bottom of this page. Our Automated Temperature Monitoring systems make manual temperature checks a thing of the past.

It may only take a few minutes to measure and record temperature but the cost soon adds up. Please make use of our cost calculator.

Cost of Manual Temperature Checks

Automated Temperature Monitoring Systems

At Tendo Systems, we have Temperature Monitoring Technology suitable for every industry and application. Within a few months of us installing your system, you will have covered the costs in staff hours saved. The email/sms alarms will notify you of any temperature issues, which could help you avoid significant stock wastage. Of course, your auditors and customers will be very happy. Our Wireless Monitoring systems will save time and increase your profits.

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BRC Global Standards for Safety F804a (Page 74, section 4.15.3);

Where temperature control is required (e.g. for raw materials, semi-finished materials or final products), the storage area shall be capable of maintaining product temperature within specification and operated to ensure specified temperatures are maintained. Temperature recording equipment with suitable temperature alarms shall be fitted to all storage facilities or there shall be a system of recorded manual temperature checks, typically on at least a 4-hourly basis or at a frequency which allows for intervention before product temperatures exceed defined limits for the safety, legality or quality of products.