Tendo Systems D3 Monitoring System

About Us

Tendo Systems specialise in Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarm technology. Providing products and systems across a range of sectors including food manufacturing, warehousing, pharmaceuticals and laboratories. Monitoring temperature, humidity and various other factors.

Based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, we offer a comprehensive service including site survey, design, and installation of wireless monitoring systems. Ideal for refrigeration, warehousing, medical, pharma, heritage and engineering.

The world is becoming more complex. Ever-changing and increasing requirements for compliance with industry regulations. The need for total transparency in the supply chain is becoming more and more demanding. Tendo Systems’ aim is to ease the burden by supplying first class solutions and products with the highest levels of customer service.

As official NI distributors for various well-known UK manufacturers, we provide environmental monitoring and measurement technology that will help you reduce costs and increase profits. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in environmental monitoring - we will work with you to find a cost-effective solution to meet your specific business needs.

Paul Baker - Founder of Tendo SystemsPaul Baker, founder of Tendo Systems, has been an Electronics Engineer since 1997. With a proven track record in Data Communications and Technical Services, Paul and the team have a solution to meet your needs. Our service is constantly evolving to meet your requirements, harnessing the constantly evolving Cloud-based services and IoT.

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What does Tendo mean?

Paul spent 7 years volunteering as a Hospital Engineer at Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda. Along with his family, he lived in Tendo House. Tendo means 'Praise' in the local language (L'uganda).

While in Uganda, Paul realised that technology has the power to predict and avoid problems and that’s where the idea for Tendo Systems came along. Paul comments on his time in Uganda...

“My Ugandan colleagues had a determination and dedication to their work that I’ve never seen before. We learned from each other and faced challenges together. This outlook still inspires and encourages me in my work.”

Tendo Systems hopes to continue to support the work of Kiwoko Hospital in the years ahead.