4 ways to get WiFi in Every Room

Wifi router

If you live in a particularly tall or wide house, or one with thick walls and various obstructions, then you may have several WiFi dead-zones. Despite your best efforts your high-speed wireless broadband has no chance of reaching these rooms. This can cause irritating problems when watching Netflix in these rooms and your Xbox playing children will no doubt get upset. There are several ways you can improve your WiFi signal strength which may make for a more peaceful household.

Tendo Systems are WiFi experts. Please get in touch if you need help - we would be very happy to visit you to assist. If you would like to have a go yourself, here are some handy tips to improve your WiFi coverage.

Reposition your Router

This is often the best place to start. Most routers beam the WiFi signal in all directions at once so the best location is often the centre of your building. That's not often practical but try and get as close to the centre as possible. Walls, mirrors, floors, metal objects (especially radiators) all have a detrimental effect on your signal coverage so try and avoid obstructions if possible.

Change the channel

Baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves and your neighbour's WiFi can have an effect too. Your router will be operating on a channel from 1 to 11 (on the standard 2.4GHz frequency). You should delve into your routers' user manual before changing the channel but it may prove useful. Channels 1, 6 and 11 are the only channels which are not overlapping and so are the best options. A firmware upgrade can also help but be very careful and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Upgrade your Router

The router supplied by your broadband provider is often free for a reason. Despite their claims, the routers they provide are often outdated and lack signal strength. Various routers are on the market costing from £30, which could greatly improve your coverage. Some broadband providers are not keen on their customers installing their own router so it's best to check with them first.

Invest in an Extender or two

There are two main options here. Extenders/boosters that simply repeat the original signal over a further distance, usually losing a lot of speed along the way, or Powerline devices. Powerline devices are definitely the better option. They use your home's electrical wiring network to transfer your broadband connection to the dead-zones. If your electrical wiring is very old and outdated, Powerline devices may struggle. Remember to keep the adaptors in the wall socket and not in a trailing/extension lead.

I would recommend the TP-Link Powerline kits. See the links I have provided below to Amazon.

If you would like to know about other options e.g. WiFi Access Points, or would like to organise for someone to visit you, please email contact@tendosystems.com, call 028 9162 9162


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