3 Ways Automated Temperature Monitoring will Increase your Profits

Automated Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring is necessary in many industries to ensure and prove product quality. As a bonus, monitoring will also increase your profits.

In the food and beverage industry, for example, certain temperature ranges must be maintained across the manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage and transportation of food ingredients and products.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring has advanced over the years meaning there is no longer a need to run cables throughout your facility. Our Wireless temperature sensors can transmit up to 500 metres within buildings. If 500 metres is not enough, signal repeaters can be easily added to increase this range. This makes the installation of a monitoring system easier and more cost-effective in the short and long-term.

Harnessing the power of IoT (Internet of Things) i.e. connecting our wireless intelligent sensors to your already connected technology, will further improve communication and efficiency within your organisation. Our cloud-connected system makes all data globally accessible. Anytime, anywhere.

There are many ways our systems can save time and increase the profits of your business, whether you are a food producer, pharmaceutical manufacturer or a retailer. Today I want to highlight three.

1. Stock Loss Avoidance

Our intelligent sensors transmit live temperature data every 60 seconds. If the temperature drifts outside of your pre-set limits, for a defined period of time, Email and/or SMS messages will be sent. This will give your staff time to take action so stock is not lost.

The alarm service can also highlight refrigeration faults before they become expensive. Your refrigeration engineer will be glad to see the historic data which will show trends, defrost cycles and highlight issues before they become serious.

2. No more manual records

Our Monitoring systems will save you thousands of pounds every year. Use our calculator below to find out exactly how much.

How many times per day does your staff need to check refrigeration temperatures? BRCGS recommends readings are taken and recorded every 4 hours. Depending on the number of storage or refrigeration units you have, the annual labour costs can be deceptively high.

Our technology not only removes the need for time-consuming form filling, the audit-ready reports are easily generated via the user-friendly software.

Cost of Manual Temperature Checks

3. Your customers will be impressed

Regulatory standards set by government agencies can be challenging to adhere to. Those who supply food products to the large retail chains will know their standards are even higher.

We often get calls from food manufacturers who are under pressure. They need a system installed ASAP because the Supermarket chain they supply are cancelling orders. Full product traceability is essential and our Wireless Monitoring systems meet and exceed the requirements.

The bottom line

Automated temperature monitoring will;

  • Ensure the quality of your product
  • Reduce your costs
  • Increase your profits

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