Not just temperature

We supply a vast array of sensor types that can monitor just about any environmental factor. This makes our systems easily scalable, highly adaptable and designed to grow with your changing needs.

Tendo Systems sensor types

Wireless Environmental Monitoring - Saving time and increasing your profits

Thermometer Shop

Our online Shop features a range of thermometers, data loggers and temperature alarm technology. As an official distributor of several UK manufacturers, we have a range of temperature related technology.


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ZOOM Video Meetings

ZOOM is a video conferencing tool that allows users to meet online, with or without video. This is being widely used by Religious groups, businesses and families while meeting in person …


Control a Computer Remotely

In the IT Support industry, there are often times when a client needs help with their computer and it is not possible to visit them. At Tendo Systems we use …

Managing Relative Humidity

In many industries the management of Relative Humidity (%rh) is important. My family and I recently visited a Museum where I noticed Relative Humidity and Temperature …